Light at Night Press Quotes

One of my favorite releases this year by a UK player…highly recommended.”

Claire Martin – BBC Radio 3

A very assured piece of work indeed.”

Stephen Duffy – BBC radio Scotland

The UK jazz scene is experiencing a purple patch, at least in terms of creativity, and the vitality of the new generation is amply proved by drummer Dave Hamblett’s debut recording.”

**** The Irish Times

“…his writing is passionate and powerful…”

BBC Radio 3

“…A debut album of unusual maturity.”

Evening Standard

Hamblett’s material, while hard-driving and refreshingly direct, contains just enough rhythmic wrinkles and harmonic sophistication to engage the brain as well as the heart.”

Chris Parker – London Jazz

“…both the playing and composing of drummer Dave Hamblett are lively, imaginative and bristling with creative energy.”

Chris Parker – London Jazz

“…a musician whose depth of groove and range of timbre and dynamics make his playing quickly recognisable and thrilling…his creative and supportive playing also translates to his writing, which feels relaxed, intuitive and confident.”

Dan Paton – Music Omh

Hamblett’s assured drumming, Arcoleo’s dark sax sound and Munk’s tremulous, butterfly-wings guitar effects combine to produce some eloquent original music.”

John Fordham – The Guardian

His playing shows a maturity and sensitivity that belies his youth; he’s always conscious of the needs of the music, eschewing solos in favor of creating a strong rhythmic foundation for each tune…”

Bruce Lindsay – All About Jazz

Drummer Dave Hamblett, a Royal Academy graduate, is exceedingly talented and he leads an exceedingly talented sextet…”

The Jazz Breakfast

highly promising debut …enjoy the musicianship at work and realise that a fine new drummer who we’ll all be hearing much more about in the future has arrived.”

Steve Graham

“…drummer-bandleader to watch out for”


A début album that doesn’t shout for your attention but instead imposes itself gradually through its sophistication and intelligence.”

Ian Mann